Monday, March 21, 2011

Just another day...

... of stress, depression, and anxiety attacks. I had a really bad relapse into deep depression Friday night. Started feeling suicidal again, told Tiffany, and she hid the knives from me. I'm glad she did because I might not have made it through the night otherwise.

But the weekend wasn't a total waste. Got to cook dinner for my friend and her husband and Tiffany. I did chicken breasts that were cut into thin slices lie strip, with paprika and garlic powder, with baked potatoes. Both of those were cooked on the grill outside, and Tiffany fixed mac and cheese and some garlic cheese bread. It was so good. They thought it was too, and that was awesome cause I haven't cooked for anyone other than Tiffany and my parents, and even if my cooking wasn't that good, I don't think they would tell me. My friends eating my cooking and liking it really meant something. They were a neutral party that could complain and it be ok.

But they didn't complain. They said they loved it. It was a good feeling. Another plus was Saturday. Got all girlified and just planned on relaxing since I had a headache, but I started feeling sick and feeling like I needed out of the house for a while. Not sure what was different that day but I just walked out the front door to my truck. No hiding anything.

That was a good day and a good confidence booster. Hopefully there will be more like that.

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