Tuesday, January 11, 2011


   Things just don't seem to be going my way at all today. Kinda pisses me off. If it weren't for getting to return the Nikon camera I bought after Christmas, and eating with the fiance at Pizza Hut, this would have been a shitty day.

First thing that happened was my Sony USB CD/DVD burner's USB board got fried. Normally wouldn't be an issue, but my desktop is down cause for some reason I wanted to change the OS. So it had a blank hd. Well, I "acquired" a copy of Windows 7 to stick on it along with either Ubuntu or Debian. The ISO was on my failing netbook. So all I had to do was burn it to a DVD. Sounds simple right? Well, I booted Puppy Linux cause I know it had an ISO burning app on the Live CD. Worked fine. So I still needed to gt the ISO to the desktop, which sounds easier than done. Tried copying it to a flash drive. Took 10 damn tries to get it on it, along with multiple formats. So I finally got it on the flash drive. Figured it was a bad copy, so in Puppy, I checked the MD5, which was still good. The burn at 2x went great (seemed a bit fast for 2x, but whatever), and it booted. Install went ok, had trouble skipping the serial for it, but got the install done. It booted with some crappy Microsoft drivers. Found the driver for the Nvidia 6150LE vid card, it installed fine. Took damn near forever to get the audio driver, and it didn't work worth a shit. Never could find the other drivers for the mobo, even though I found links through Google that showed they existed at one point. The killer for me was not finding the driver for the wireless card. So I said fuck it at that point. Fuck Windows in general. Pain in the ass OS that isn't worth shit. Why would anyone want to pay for a computer loaded with an incomplete OS that needs extra software to make it secure and less virus prone? I'll stick with Linux, thank you.

Anyway, next up in the list of problems was my netbook, an Acer Aspire One. It's one of the buggy as hell first gen netbooks. Wish I had never bought it now. Biggest POS I've touched. To date, the original battery crapped out, 2 sets of speakers blew, the audio chip actually fried on the motherboard, the multi memory card slot quit working, the power cord developed multiple shorts and fried, and the USB ports are pretty much no longer working. I had a Gateway Solo 2500 thats now 13 years old. Has a good battery, good audio, decently fast with Puppy Linux, but has a cracked screen. If I could afford a good screen, I'd be set on a computer, but unfortunately I don't.

I'm also getting quite impatient getting money in my Paypal account from my bank. Once it's in there I can finally order my Noogleberry, which the owner of the company, who is a very nice woman, BTW.

Oh, finally got my meds a day or two ago. My body isn't liking this lack of and full on with the meds. Probably unhealthy as hell, but you know what? I don't care. I have worse health problems and have gone through worse, so this isn't going to kill me, but it's a PITA. I'll have to make sure I don't miss more than a day or so again.

Anyway, I now have no desktop and a slowly failing POS netbook. It sucks. But you know what makes things better? Listening to Lucie Lebrun from Mypollux sing.  If it weren't for her voice, I'd prolly be pretty pissed off. But whatever.

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