Sunday, October 24, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts, but I've been in a good mood. Saturday morning, I got my estrogen in the mail. :D I went ahead and started it, even though my spiro isn't here yet. Hopefully it will be in the next day or so.

For those of you I don't talk to regularly, I'm self medicating. Can't afford a shrink at the moment, so I'm not able to get the hormones from a Dr. yet. My Dr. and other trans girls I know had told me a couple things, and being sensitive to medicines, I'm taking it easy starting out. 2mg of estrogen and I can't remember what dose of spiro I ordered. Next month or so, I'll bump up the estrogen to 4, then eventually 6 mg. Spiro will end up around 200 mg in the end. Still wondering about taking progesterone. If I can get a job soon, I may take it whether or not it would help. I've heard info both ways so if I can afford it, I'll take it.

Another plus since I last posted is that I figured out hw to conceal my 5 o'clock shadow. There's not much since I don't have much facial hair to begin with, but I now won't be showing it when I have makeup on.

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