Saturday, December 4, 2010

Been a good day today. (Long post)

Today was nice. It was the fiances last day off for vacation. We went to Ruby Tuesday and ate appetizers, and went to my friend and her husbands house to play some Wii and eat pizza. Not as good as I had hoped, but we got a late start, and made the best of it we could.

I ended up getting a new (to me) phone. My purple LG Rumor Touch fell behind the bed the other day. It started turning on and off constantly, so it was obvious it was time for another phone. It is still under warranty, but not having insurance, it would have to be shipped back to the manufacturer for an unknown amount of time. I'm addicted to texting, so that wasn't an option. So off to Craigslist I went. All I was finding were cheapo old flip phones, and Blackberry's. my fiance texted about a couple Blackberrys, but no luck. Then it hit me when she and I were at the book signing of Alex Debagorski. My friend Megan has a Blackberry that she isn't using. :)

After a bit of texting, we worke out a deal for it, and of we went to her house to get it. We hung out for a bit and the fiance had quite a bit of trouble getting the phone activated for me. Megans house is in a hole that cell signals don't make it to.

My first thoughts were Blackberry phones were for more business-y people, but OMG! I've fallen in love with them now. I have a purple Blackberry Curve 8530. Not the newest one, but still really nice.
It's considered entry level, but I'm amazed at what it can do. I've gotten many apps for it, and am in the process of finding a cover. I'll do my own review tomorrow if I get a free moment.

Anyway, I've been slowly upping my meds. Estrogen is at 3 mg and Spiro till yesterday was at 250 mg. The past couple days, I've been getting hat flashes like no other and a bit of nausea sporatically. None of it was bad, just uncomfortable. I've been at 3 mg of estrogen for about a full month, but 250 mg of Spiro for a couple days. So seeing the pattern, I cut my Spiro to 200 mg again today. No hot flashes or nausea, besides the normal stuff I get at night. I'll try 225 mg of the Spiro tomorrow, and if it works well, I'll stick with that till after the first of the year. I'll hopefully be getting the bloodwork done to see where my estrogen and testosterone levels are. I know they aren't exactly where they should be, but I feel like they're close. My boobs are really tender. Well, more like directly behind my nipples. And I mean really tender. Anything touching them right now hurts, but in a good way, lol,ince that means somethings going on in them. Hopefully growth. :)Also, eotions have gotten a lot stronger. I've always been a softy, but there are things nowthat are for sure going to make me cry, whether i like it or not.

But from what I've learned from my Dr, and other pre and post op girls, everyone needs a certain amount of the meds for them to work. No more, no less. Less doesn't get the desired results, and more doesn't speed up the changes, but just increases the side effects, which aren't that good. That little tid bit is why I think I'm prett darn close to where I need to be.

Anyway, I was planning on going back to school, but life seems to be taking another direction. So, at the moment, I'm going to continue the job hunt, look for a friend, and better myself with photography. No school means I more than likely will never afford SRS, but oh well. Guess that's life. Maybe I can get good enough with my photography skills I could afford it. Who knows. Kinda depressing thinking about it. Well, I'm gonna get to sleep before I get too depressed, so later.

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  1. You don't know where life's going to take you so never say never on going back to school!

    The Blackberry's a quality piece of kit.