Monday, December 13, 2010


Yesterday had to be the most stressful day I've ever had in my life. Freakin' snow storm hit out of the blue with little warning and I was stuck on one of the most dangerous highways in Tennessee on ice. It was everywhere. My 4X4 Hilux did my no good on the ice either. It has an open differential in the front and limited slip in the rear, so the front end had traction but the rear wanted to slide around everywhere. Arg! Didn't even make it home last night it was so rough. Had to stay at the fiance's grandmothers house. It was nice not having to drive through all that, but I didn't sleep worth anything. Went to bed around 12, and woke up at 2. Stayed up till 5-5:30 or so, and slept till 10, then got up.

Besides that, things haven't been too bad lately. Parents still a total pain in the ass, but that's nothing new. I can't speak with them at all without them trying to argue something. My lack of any attempt to ignore their ignorance is just as bad, but still. They're wanting me to go to college still, but I don't think I can do it. Having to live here another 2 years would be hell. Plus, everything involved with my transition doesn't help matters worse.

Speaking of that, it's been progressing quite well. Ok, here's something for anyone reading with their nipples pierced. I had my right nipple pierced. (Couldn't do the left it hurt so bad, lol.) Well, the expected tenderness and occasional pain had started rather early, but was more located in my left boob, rather than roughly even between them. A better explanation would be this. On a scale of 1-10 of increasing pain, my left boobs pain and tenderness was around a 5 or 6. My right boob was barely a 1. It was tender, but no worse than a light bruise.

So, worried that my nipple ring may affect growth, I stressed over it for a week or 2. Finally a couple days ago, I took it out. Kinda weird feeling it not there anymore, but it was out for good. Well, in a couple days, my left boob was a steady 6 now, and my right boob went from a 1 to almost 5. Besides my limited experience of this one time, I seriously think having your nipples pierced would hinder good breast growth. Just my non-medical opinion. But seriously think about it if you're just starting out in your transition.

I meant to say in my last post that as of roughly 2 full months of hormones (maybe 3, can't remember), here's my progress. I was a typical hairy guy with fast hair growth everywhere, and course hair. Now, don't have to shave my legs but every 2 to 3 days. Face, almost 2 full days before a shave is really needed. Arm hair has become soft and is thinning. Weight hasn't been a problem what so ever for me, unlike some girls. I was around 245 or so (I'm 6'3"), and now, I think last I weighed, I was 228. Also, in texting a friend who hadn't seen me since before I started hormones, said there were things he noticed, like a little change in my face, and attitude.

So far in my transition, things are going great. Couldn't ask for it to be better. I'm at the point with my parents I'll be looking into low income housing to get out of here. If my fiance and I can get a place, I'm going to go full time, and after a year roughly, I'm going to go to the only Dr in Knoxville that does anything with transpeople and get a paper to get my hormones the legal way and to get some plastic surgery. I've actually been thinking of staying pre-op but getting an orchiectomy, basically castration. Then I wouldn't have to deal with taking Spiro and would need less estrogen, which means cheaper meds. The first thing I need to do is get a tracheal shave. My Adams Apple has been a source of embarrassment and depression since I was little, even before I realized I was trans. I was made fun of for it because my puberty hit in just a years period. Whatever. That's all a while from now. Well, I'm gonna go get me a cigg before King Of The Hill comes on. Later! :)

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