Thursday, December 30, 2010


Well, Christmas was pretty good this year. My parents nearly ruined it, but not quite. I do think next year I'll be skipping their Christmas. At my fiances family thing, it was really good, as usual. Got a lot of money this year, and it's burning a hole in my pocket, lol. Was just planning on ordering my meds and parts for my old Gateway laptop. Then I got reminded about teardrop trailers, and thought that since I already had a trailer, I should build one.

Went and priced the wood needed and then I figured out the trailer I had had the axle welded to the frame. So that idea went out the window. Oh well. Well, part of my money will be going towards a 30s Kodak camera for film and developing chemicals. I hope to do some neat stuff with the fact it can do time lapse photos. Can't beat an old fashioned cardboard box, lol. Will be getting a camper top (hopefully) tomorrow for my Yota. I'm really thinking about getting myself a new digital camera. I have a Sanyo camera that's shaped like a video camera, and that's my issue with it. I want a point and shoot camera again. I would really like to get into photography and having a decent camera would help. I'm thinking about checking out some pawn shops for a DSLR, but I doubt I'll find one. Wally World has a camera for like $150 that is more than I need that would be nice. Who knows. Guess I'll post if I get one.

Hmm... what else to write about...

Still looking for work. Soon as the first of the year is here I'll try applying for Wally World again. Don't want to, but I almost bet I'll get a job there if I apply. Oh, finally decided to try seeing a shrink. I think I'm at a point I need one. I've been able to fight off depression most of my life pretty easily, but not anymore. Everything stresses me out now. The other night the fiance and I were watching Easy A (which I need to go buy, BTW), and for a small instance while the movie was going on, I didn't feel depressed at all. I can't even remember when I last felt like that. It was a good feeling, but it didn't last. That's one thing I liked about taking photos.

Back when I had my first digital camera, no matter where I was taking photos, I was happy. Someone could sneak up behind me and kill me, and I'd never see it coming. On the parkway between Hwy 129 and Hwy 321 was the best. I used to go up there for hours taking pictures. I miss that. Maybe I should just go get that camera I was looking at and go out taking photos everywhere again.

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